Does this sound like you?

You are a leader of a team or a company.

You want to see your organization has a positive and sustainable impact on the local and even global arena.

You are ready to run the extra mile to achieve that but you realize that as your company is growing the team starts losing its cohesion, which lowers the overall productivity and subsequently diminishes the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

You understand that in order to come back on track you need some adjustments which would glue the team together and higher the overall performance. 

If you can recognize yourself in the above description you are in the right place.

I have been working with a variety of leaders.

Even though every case was unique they were several areas of improvement which were common in almost all my cases:

  • Dealing with loss and fear
  • Unclear objectives
  • Ineffective decision-making process
  • Stress
  • Lack of motivation and commitment
  • Dealing with a negative mindset
  • Lack of purpose and mission

Based on my experience and the methodology of iPEC, I have developed a framework called a prosperous mindset, which I use in the work with my clients.

Here are some of the benefits achieved in my work with them:

  • Getting clear on their vision, purpose, and values.
  • Realizing which are their unique strengths.
  • Finding what motivates them: which helped them to create strategies to motivate themselves on a daily basis.
  • Sustaining a winning perspective: choosing the most empowering view in each situation, which supported them to make more money and be more consistent.
  • Managing stress better: creating a personalized approach to dealing with stress based on their personalities.
  • Empower people effectively.


In our work together:

  • First, we will address the mental blocks, which are staying on the way of facing and resolving the above challenges.
  • Second, we will remove them by using different tools from the prosperous mindset framework.
  • Third, we will build constructive habits to serve you in unleashing your true potential as a leader.

It is absolutely normal to have a challenge going through this process effortlessly because part of you is still connected to these blocks.

The challenge here is that you have had them for so long that you feel them as part of yourself, which you cannot distinguish from your true nature.

The truth is that some of them are the reason that you have come to the place where you are today, but you forgot to question their usefulness from time to time.

I won't be there to please you, I will be there to challenge your perspectives and help you see them in a new light.

I am gonna tell you truths no one else will dare to tell you and I am gonna be absolutely honest about how I see you and your team.

We are gonna do the work together as a team, which overall goal is to create an environment, where you and your team feel safe and motivated, sustain a “winner’s” state of mind and perform at your best on a consistent basis.

As part of the team, you are gonna have your own responsibilities: 

  • You are ready to face your fears and doubts.
  • You are open to expanding your comfort zone.
  • You are flexible with change.
  • You are open to considering the opposite point of view.


What do you think?

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Anders, CEO and founder of No-More